Tracking the progress of any business is undoubtedly essential. The way to do this is usually by monitoring reports. So what types of reports would you need? How frequently would you need them? Who would prepare them?

iSmart Discounts has the solution! Now, enjoy the ability to experience real-time reports that are impeccably accurate at any given time from any corner of the world!

Types of Reports provided by iSmart Discounts

Period summary report

Provides a period report of how many new customers have engaged with your band, the total number of visits and also the number of coupon redemptions that have taken place within that period.
With these statistics, understand what strategies have worked and which of them haven’t. With a good understanding of which strategies deployed worked, always stay ahead of the game. This service also gives you the options to view custom date ranges and lifetime statistics.

Campaign summary report

Without being stuck on having only period summary reports, enjoy the ability to be able to check the progress on a single marketing campaign that you have launched. The report would specify the following:

  • When the campaign started
  • When the campaign ended/will end
  • The day messages were sent
  • Coupon type
  • Redemptions of coupons

New customer report

This is an excellent method to find out where the highest numbers of customer signups are coming from. It will provide information about both where the customers signed up along with the customer details, subscription type, whether it was a loyal customer and if the customer would have received a coupon. This type of report would help you to identify where you need to focus your attention on, where most types of customers are on and, also, which marketing campaigns are most successful.

Customer visit report
The privilege to understand which customers logged into the system and at what time they did so is a huge advantage. Understand on a grassroots level which customers engage with your systems and at what time they do so. Use this newfound information to better your marketing campaign and increase profits.
It gets even better! Understand which customers missed which opportunities and provide the facility to resend that offer to a selected customer.

Coupon redemption report

Much like the customer visit reports, these reports would specialize not on customers, but on coupons. Coupon campaigns carried out previously would be displayed here. Each campaign can be checked for effectiveness with the following information displayed:

  • Customer ID
  • Timestamp
  • Confirmation code

Understand the customers that used your coupons along with the time they did so.

Customer activity report

A simple report inclusive of all customer activities. The report will tell you what actions each customer has taken. Understand the activities of customers and customer interests on a granular level. Everyone knows that better information leads to better information. Enjoy the privilege now.

Top customer report

Top customer reports will tell you who your most delighted customers are. Statistics prove that focusing on customers that are currently engaged is significantly easier than with potential ones. Also, have the ability to ensure that those that are truly engaged with your company won’t change over.

  • How many visits a customer has made
  • Where they signed up
  • Other stats

Visit trending report

Have your data in a pictorial form. It is easier to understand and easier to read with faster decision making. The data given in graphs would include:

  • Customer visits
  • Coupon redemptions
  • New customers

And more!
What’s more, we can even email you the reports weekly if you like!