Putting customers in control of their information like never before, the Loyalty Station is designed to attract the largest customer base. Why do customers love the Loyalty Station? They love direct interaction with your company and, moreover, better control over their most important information. By using the Loyalty Station, customers would also have the ability to register with their number, register loyalty purchases and even redeem coupons. Data security is also at its best.

Some advantages of using the Loyalty Stations are:

  • Design a dedicated home page for your business. Good user experience is key if you want your company to grow. Also, it is an excellent method to drive brand awareness.
  • Results in higher opt-ins than traditional keyword campaigns
  • Customizable digital signage
  • Can work anywhere with Wi-Fi
  • No smartphone needed
  • Secure for customers
  • Portable for outdoor events and trade shows

The loyalty station is different from any traditional point of sales because, frankly, it’s simple. With rapidly changing market trends, the Loyalty Station is ideal to keep track of all your customers, capturing key data elements and still having the advantage to keep adding features.