IT solutions are quickly dominating the business world. But make sure that the right solutions are implemented to solve the appropriate problems. There are no open solutions that work for your company or any other, for that matter.

At iSmart Discount, we take priority to understand what you have to offer, your business, your challenges and your strengths. Our team of experts will be happy to understand how things work and help you improve what you love so dearly.

Some of the things we have to offer are:

  • We design your full mobile marketing program for you.
  • If you are using a Loyalty Station, we will install this for you at your premises.
  • Set up your unique keywords and loyalty program.
  • Kiosks beg to be touched.
  • Integration into your Facebook pages and website if required.
  • Design of leaflets, posters and any other promotional materials.

Everything is included in our standard package. No extra charges required!