The business world classifies your customers into three segments: unsatisfied customers, satisfied customers and delighted customers. Which kind do you want?

Look around and notice how the entire world is looking at their phones. There is your marketing strategy. Here at iSmart Discounts, we think it is an amazing idea to put messages on phone screens that people always stare at!

Have you noticed those codes they always want you to text in to vote for your favorite artist or performance on reality TV shows? (For example: Text SUPERSTAR to 60222.)

Have you ever walked into a store and then remembered that you left all the coupons on your table? We know. We have been there and done that.

iSmart Discounts also works on marketing via social media, which is a medium that almost everyone engages in. There is, however, a single problem with social media marketing.

Imagine a person that is looking for a product or service that you offer but does not know where to find it. The simple solution would be to Google it.

Putting customers in control of their information like never before, the Loyalty Station is designed to attract the largest customer base.