The business world has seen some major changes come to life since the last decade. In a period now called the Information Era, business processes have come a long way from what they once were. Even though most of customer society resists this change, we at iSmart Discounts believe that the transformations that have come about are inevitable and can be utilized to gain competitive advantage like never before! Welcome to iSmart Discounts.

Knowledge is power. This essentially means that your manual books with illegible handwriting just have to go out. With data and information being the buzzwords of our time, we will show you how information generated both within and outside your organization can benefit you with astounding profits!

How, you ask? All leading organizations in the world today deal with facts and figures, raw and processed numbers. This being our specialty, let us help you improve your systems in such a way that you gain the most of it! Both data and information are generated almost everywhere. Every time your client makes a transaction with your company, every time someone makes an inquiry about one of your products or services and every time a loyal customer returns or most importantly, does not returns, data is created. Proper analysis of this information will definitely result in success.

We strive to create customer relationships that last. Are you aware that a customer is worth up to 10 times his or her initial purchase? Did you know that while the probability of selling to a new customer is around 5-20%, the probability of selling to an existing customer is somewhere between 60-70%? Our team of experts, together with a good understanding of how your customer works and the strengths and challenges of your company as well as existing possibilities, will devise strategies for innovative and effective ways to ensure bigger returns for your organization!

Now that we have your attention, take a look at what we can do for you. We have proved ourselves time after time. Our team filled with energy, enthusiasm and experience to match just would not rest until your company reaches the heights it has the potential to and more.